Friday, July 2, 2010

Sarah Palin to Found University

Ex-Governor of Alaska and national celebrity Sarah Palin announced late Thursday night that she hopes to spend the rest of her career setting up a university to teach "like-minded young men and women the ways of the world, and the ways of my success."

Palin hopes to someday locate her university inside Yucca Mountain; for now, while she awaits her permit, she has rented the 2nd floor of a building in an office park in the suburbs of Boise, Idaho.

"Sarah Palin University won't be one of those high-falutin' intellectual colleges," she said during a telephone interview. "For instance, our majors are actually useful. Here, you can major in: Having Babies, Patriotism Studies, Christian Living, Having a Beer Like a Regular Guy, Being A Success Like Me, Nature, Oil, and etc, stuff."

Tuition will be $68,000 a year. "Republicans work hard for their money, so they've got a lot of it, and will pay for educating," said Palin. "I'm just really happy to share my gifts."


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