Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MOMA to be Knee Deep In Yogurt

The entirety of New York City's Museum of Modern Art will be knee-deep in yogurt for the full month of August. The installation, entitled "Uh Oh," was conceived as a joint project between Vincent Gallo and Bill Cosby.

"Guests will check their shoes at the door, and put on these," said a spokesman for MOMA, holding up what appeared to be a thigh-high polyurethane sock. "Then they can walk through the museum and look at the art while experiencing the installation."

The yogurt will be donated by Dannon and will be vanilla flavored and low fat. The museum's floors have been treated and sealed with special wax to avoid permanent damage from the moisture. The yogurt will not be switched out for fresh yogurt throughout the month. What if it spoils? "That's sort of the point," said Gallo. "Uh oh!" chimed in Cosby.


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