Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lil' Wayne Loses Both Arms While Installing Windmill

Rapper Lil' Wayne was airlifted to New York's Bellevue hospital late this morning after a freak accident resulted in the severance of both his arms at the elbows.

"I am mad," He told reporters, after surgery to reattach his arms failed. "I am really, really, really mad."

Lil' Wayne had been installing windmills on Staten Island with the volunteer group "Wind, Not War." "Wind, Not War" builds windmill farms on parking lots of abandoned strip malls and then donates the proceeds from the energy to peace efforts. The windmill Lil' Wayne had been installing during his accident suffered a malfunctioning rotary motor.

When asked what his future plans will be, now that he has no arms, Lil' Wayne said "First, I'm suing. Then, maybe a talk show."


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  1. Now he'll have to rap with one of those headset microphones!