Friday, July 30, 2010

Jersey Shore to Replace Cast with Kittens

Popular reality television show "Jersey Shore" has replaced its entire cast with a six-week-old litter of five kittens. The kittens are calico, jellicle, tabby, orange tabby, and black. They are reputed to be adorable.

"Kittens really love the beach," said the show's lead producer, "And they cost less to upkeep, especially since we don't have to pay anyone to clean the litter box, since the set--" she gestured to the beach "--is, well, basically a giant litter box." The orange tabby relieved himself a few feet away.

"Also, viewers really seem to prefer kittens," she added.

The show's focus will still be on the ups and downs of life at the Jersey Shore. The cast will fight over pieces of sliced turkey, and they will frolic around in the Dionysian stupor of catnip highs.

Several other television shows are also looking into replacing their human casts with kittens. CSI:Miami, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Jeopardy! are all said to be next on line for this hot new trend.


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