Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Calvin Coolidge's Underpants Go for $1,964,000

A pair of President Calvin Coolidge's soiled undertrousers auctioned for $1,964,000 at Sotheby's yesterday afternoon. The underwear was discovered in the attic of the Antwerp home of President Coolidge's fifth cousin twice-removed, Peripher John Coolijj III.

The underpants are cotton in material, sturdy in construction, dainty in design, and quite soiled. They were immediately recognizable as belonging to the President because he was known to sign all of his personal belongings in thread, using a characteristic needlepoint style: The underwear was no exception.

The starting bid for the Coolidge undergarment was $1,000,100. The winner, who did not supply his name, is a hedge fund manager who lives in the Bronx.

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