Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ethan Allen to Launch Airline

Furniture company Ethan Allen plans to launch an aviation side business as soon as January 2011. The company has been working with Boeing to build special "Comfort Deluxxxe Airliners" outfitted with Ethan Allen chairs, sofas, and tables. The new airline will be called "Ethan Allen Air" and its hub will be Tampa, Florida. It will offer routes between major and minor cities on the East Coast, and will also make one daily flight to Vancouver.

"We hope this business will really take off," commented CEO Enobong Kathy, "Not to use a pun or anything. We think people are really tired of sitting in bad furniture while they fly, and will pay a premium to sit in nice chairs. Also, since the skies are lawless, we serve cocaine and heroin on board." The price premium is reported to be quite high--early documents reveal that the proposed ticket price between Tampa and Washington, D.C. is $5,000.

Ethan Allen has been subject to several business failures over the past decade, from an ill-conceived joint effort with American Apparel, in which it offered a line of furniture made from recycled leotards, to an ill-conceived joint effort with Kentucky Fried Chicken, in which it offered a line of easy chairs that smelled like fried chicken.


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