Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red is No Longer a Color

The International Academy of Color (IAOC) published a report today that broached a controversial topic for the first time since the Middle Ages: Whether red is a color. IOAC takes the position that red is not a color, but "an offset of infrared."

"It's really very technical," Wayne Gretzky, the current President of IAOC commented on the Today Show. "The fact that red is not a color isn't going to change anyone's relationship with red. You can still see it. It's just, scientifically, it doesn't meet the definition of a color. A color's wavelength must be between 400nm and 690 nm. Beyond 690 nm, not a color. Something else."

"Something else? Like what?" asked host Regis Philbin.


"And what's infrared?"

"More like a microwave than a color. I don't mean to cause trouble--but watch out for red, I guess is what the IAOC wants to say. Red isn't just pretty to look at. It can cook your food, if you're not careful.

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