Thursday, October 28, 2010

Karl Marx Publishes Cookbook from the Grave

Karl Marx has published a cookbook from the grave. The book, entitled "Kooking With Karl: Kookies, Kakes, and Kales," has sold seven million copies worldwide, including twelve hundred on the Kindle. The Kindle edition features six extra recipes: Ice cream, cut avocados, orange juice, mixed beverage pie, lettuce leaf soup, and peas.

"It's not really Karl from the grave publishing this," his great-great-grand-niece, Tabitha, explained on Good Morning America yesterday morning. "It's his family. Karl was a great cook, and he really loved desserts and greens the best. He kept his recipes in a big box, and we found it in our sub-attic, so we decided to compile them into a book."

All proceeds from the book are being donated to the cause of communism.


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